Sunday, 6 September 2020

"Better than a repository." - Fill Me In

Rossword Puzzles: Wakanda Foreverby Soleil Saint-Cyr and Ross Trudeau. .puz, .pdf, online.
Brain Candy: That’s A Stretch by Ricky Cruz. .puz, .pdf, online.
The Atlanticby Adam Vincent. .pdf, online
Daily Beast: Flight Plan by Matt Gaffney. Online, .pdf.
Southern Crosswords: Everything Butt.puz, .pdf., online
Will’s Weekly Meta: One Up! (Meta) by Will Pfadenhauer. Subscribe by emailing willsweeklymeta {at} gmail {dot} com.
CrossWorthy: #Crossworthy 
by May Huang & Kevin Trickey. .pdf, online.
The Hub Crossword: ($) I Love Crosswords by Brendan Emmett Quigley. Subscribe at link.
Premier Crossword: by Frank Longo. Online, .pdf

Washington Post: All-Around Player
by Evan Birnholz. Online, .pdf. .puz
Universal Sunday: Dis-Tortion by Debbie Ellerin. .puz
USA Today: Upper Limits by Zhouqin Burnikel. Online, app, pdf.
Universal: Educational Fun by Robert H. Wolfe. Online, pdf, .puz
Los Angeles Times: Building Vocabulary by Gary Larson. Online, pdf. Free Cruciverb account for .puz.
New York Times: ($) Could You Repeat That Number? by David Kwong. Online, .pdf, .puz, phone app.
Newsday: Water Log by Gail Grabowski. Link direct to .pdf. Online.
Merl Reagle Archives: The Cockney Backlash by Merl Reagle. Online, .pdf.

The New Yorker: Cryptic archive puzzle by Monika Zook. Online, .pdf
1Across: The Great British Rope Trick (Cryptic) by The Oracle. .pdf, online.
New York Times Variety: ($) Split Decisions by Fred Piscop. .pdf
Et Tu, Etui?: My Minecraft GF. .pdf, online.

Crosswords with Friends: by Tracy Bennett. App Store | Google Play
Daily POP Crosswords: by Pam Amick Klawitter. App Store | Google Play
LA Times Mini: by Elizabeth Gorski. Online.
The New York Times Mini: by Joel Fagliano. Online, app.

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Other Cryptic crosswords:

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