Tip jars

Been meaning to do this for a bit. There are a bunch of constructors I expected to find links for and didn’t - let me know if you’ve got something (and want) for me to include.

Datalexic - Enrique Henestroza Anguiano (Tip Jar)
Monday Fills - Dave Murchie (Tip Jar)
Brendan Emmett Quigley (Tip Jar)
Bewilderingly - Will Nediger (Tip Jar) - note CAD
Happy Little Puzzles - Matthew Stock (Tip Jar)
arctan(x)words - Chris Adams (Tip Jar)
luckystreak xwords - Adam Nicolle (Tip Jar) - note CAD
Aries Puzzles - Andrew Ries (Tip Jar)
Club 72 - Tim Croce (Tip Jar)
AVCX (Tip Jar)
David Alfred Bywaters (Tip Jar)
Grid Therapy - Trent Evans (Tip Jar)
Sid’s Grids - Sid Sivakumar (Tip Jar)
Brain Candy - Amanda Rafkin (Tip Jar)


Rex Parker (Tip Jar)
Sally’s Take (Tip Jar)
Crossword Fiend (Tip Jar)
LA Times Crossword Corner (Tip Jar)
Xword Info (See rightmost column)


Fill Me In (Patreon)