Tuesday, 21 September 2021

"Better than a repository." - Fill Me In

7xwords: September 21 (Midi) by Sara Cantor. .puz, .pdf, online.
BEQ: Themeless Monday #638 by Brendan Emmett Quigley. .puz, .pdf, online.
Bewilderingly: No Lies Detected by Richard D. Allen and Kate Chin Park. .puz, .pdf, online.
Brian Gubin: M and Ms by Brian Gubin. .puz, .pdf.
Crosshare Community: Daily Mini and Featured Puzzles.
The Crosswords Club: ($) Garden Variety by Matthew Stock. Subscribe at link.
Crossword Nation: ($) Writer’s Block by Elizabeth C. Gorski. Subscribe at link.
Daily Beast: Crowning Achievement by Matt Gaffney. .pdf, online.
The Daily Princetonian: Sounds Like Fun by Luca Morante. Online.
Fill Me In: One of Four (Meta) by Brian Cimmet. .puz, .pdf.
Generalisms: Have a Gander by Lloyd Morgan. .puz, .pdf, online.
Luckystreak+: ($) 7x7 (Themeless) by Adam Nicolle. Subscribe at link.
LuterCross: 2 Parallel 2 Lines by Matthew Luter. .pdf, .puz, online.
Metas On A Tuesday: Tea Time (Meta) by benchen71. .puz, .pdf, online.
Muggle Meta Mondays: Sounds Like A Plan (Meta) by cbarbee002. .puz, .pdf.
Odd Bear Puzzles: Mini #144 by Josh Audibert. .pdf, online.
Trash Panda Puzzles: Time’s Blade by Jason “Jac” Crabtree. .puz, .pdf, online.

The Atlantic Mini: by Paolo Pasco. .pdf, online.
Crosswords with Friends: App Store | Google Play
Daily POP Crosswords: by Matthew Stock. App Store | Google Play
Los Angeles Times: by Chris Sablich. Online, pdf. Free Cruciverb account for .puz.
LA Times Mini: by Elizabeth Gorski. Online.
New York Times: ($) by Daniel Okulitch. Online, .pdf, .puz, app.
New York Times Mini: by Joel Fagliano. Online, app.
Newsday: Weather Phrasies by Stan Newman. Online, .pdf, backup online.
Universal: Runback by George Jasper. Online, pdf. .puz.
USA Today: Team Leaders by Mark Valdez & Brooke Husic. Online, .pdf, app.
Vox: by Juliana Tringali Golden. .pdf, online.
The Wall Street Journal: Bills, Bills, Bills by Laurie Euler & Ross Trudeau. Online, .pdf. .puz.
Washington Post Daily Mini Meta: by Andrew White & Pete Muller. Online, .pdf.

Aries Puzzles: ($) Rows Garden #8.38 by Andrew J. Ries. Subscribe at link.
Financial Times: FT Crossword: Number 16,896.
Garden Party: ($) Rows Garden #4.38 by Michael Blake. Subscribe at link.
The Guardian: Cryptic crossword No 28,556.
Keynesian Cryptics: Death in Every Direction by Jack H Keynes. .pdf, online.
Monday Fills Acrostics: Acrostic 155 by Dave Murchie. .pdf, online.
Outside The Box: ($) Rows Garden #7.3 by joon pahk. Subscribe at link.

Puzzle Sources Google Sheet is here. Please reply to this email if you want to chat or to share any missing puzzles. Links below are static and direct to a home page or otherwise.

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