Monday, 14 September 2020

"Better than a repository." - Fill Me In

Happy Little Puzzles: Little-ish Puzzle by Matthew Stock. .pdf, .puz, online.
Daily Beast: A Tale Of Four Cities by Matt Gaffney. Online, .pdf.
The New Yorker: The Crossword
 by Elizabeth C. Gorski. .pdf, online.
Wordgarbler: Ten Letters In Circles by Chris Piuma. .pdf, online.
arctan(x)words: Yahtzee by Chris Adams. .puz, .pdf, online.
Grids These Days: I Love It When You…
by Brooke Husic. .puz, .pdf, online.
BEQ: Themeless Monday by Brendan Emmett Quigley. .pdf, .puz, online.
New York Magazine: Hidden Gems by Matt Gaffney. .pdf, online.
Monday Fills: No Nos by Dave Murchie. .pdf, .puz, online.
Morning Brew: Brew Crossword
by Hunter Hudsmith. .pdf, online.
Max Puzzles: Stacks on Stacks. .puz, .pdf, online.

USA Today: Double Up by Amanda Rafkin. Online, app, pdf.
Universal: Glide-Rs by David Alfred Bywaters. Online, pdf. .puz
Los Angeles Timesby Craig Stowe. Online, pdf. Free Cruciverb account for .puz.
New York Times: ($) by John Guzzetta. Online, .pdf, .puz, app.
The Wall Street Journal: The Last Shall Be First by Alex Rosen. Online, .pdf, .puz
Newsday: Have Some Veggies by Gail Grabowski. Link direct to .pdf. Online.

BEQ Marching Bands: ($) #11 by Brendan Emmett Quigley. Subscription info at link.
Et Tu, Etui?: Spirit Forward by Jessica Goldstein. Online.

Sid’s Grids: 2020 US Open Champions
by Sid Sivakumar. .puz, .pdf, online.
Crosswords with Friends: by Trip Payne. App Store | Google Play
Daily POP Crosswords: by Janice Luttrell. App Store | Google Play
LA Times Mini: by Elizabeth Gorski. Online.
The Atlantic Mini: by Caleb Madison. Solve online or print at link.
The New York Times Mini: by Joel Fagliano. Online, app.

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