Monday, 29 June 2020

Note that these links are Monday’s puzzles. Sorry for the delay; yesterday was my first wedding anniversary and the email slipped my mind. Today’s email will go up this evening.

A few notes:

  • The ACPT has been cancelled for 2020. The 2021 tournament is scheduled for 23-25 April.

  • Lollapuzzoola, which cancelled its in-person event in August, has announced they will indeed hold a virtual event on Saturday, 15 August.

  • Registration for Boswords’ 2020 virtual event on 26 July opens on 8 July.

Grids These Days: Recess! by Paolo Pasco & Ria Dhull. .puz, .pdf, online.
luckystreak xwords: Don’t Know Him From Adam by Adam Aaronson & Adam Nicolle. .puz, .pdf, online.
The New Yorker: The Weekday Crossword
 by Anna Shechtman. .pdf, online.
arctan(x)words: Don’t Call It That by Jenna LaFleur & Chris Adams. .puz, .pdf, online.
Brain Candy: Guest Midi by Steve Mossberg. .puz, .pdf, online.
Daily Beast: Don’t Go In The Water by Matt Gaffney. Online, .pdf.
Xword Muggles Meta: Borne On The Fourth Of July by Al Sisti. .puz, .pdf
Monday Fills: Starting Post 
by Dave Murchie. .pdf, .puz, online.
Happy Little Puzzles: Little-ish Puzzle by Matthew Stock. .pdf, .puz, online.
BEQ: Themeless Monday by Brendan Emmett Quigley. .pdf, .puz, online.
New York Magazine: Vowel Swaps by Cathy Allis. .pdf, online.
A to Z Crosswords: ($) #51 by Frank Longo and Peter Gordon. Subscribe and receive past puzzles at link.
Outside The Box: ($) Split Decisions by joon pahk. Subscribe at link.

USA Today: Mumbo Jumbo 
by Brooke Husic. Online; can print
Universal: Obtain-a-ble by Jeffrey Wechsler. Online; can print. .puz
Los Angeles Timesby Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke. Online; can print. Free Cruciverb account for .puz.
New York Times: ($) by Peter Gordon. Online, .pdf, .puz, phone app.
The Wall Street Journal: Double Digits by Chuck Deodene. .puz
Newsday: At The Supermarket by Stan Newman. Link direct to .pdf. Online.

Crosswords with Friends: by Stanley Newman. Phone app. App Store | Google Play
Daily POP Crosswords: by Janice Luttrell. Phone app. App Store | Google Play

LA Times Mini: by Elizabeth Gorski. Online.
The Atlantic Mini: by Caleb Madison. Solve online or print at link.
The New York Times Mini: by Joel Fagliano. Online, phone app.

Hard Crossword: archival puzzle from Stan Newman
Easy Crossword: archival puzzle from Stan Newman

My Puzzle Sources Google Sheet is here. I’m due to update that with a few newer sites. Please tweet me at @gritzmac if I’m missing any puzzles so I can include them and solve them myself.