Welcome to Daily Crossword Links. Prior to starting this newsletter, I maintained this public Google Sheet containing all puzzle sources I can find. Updates aren’t immediate when I find a new site, but the best I can tell, it’s the most comprehensive out there and no other resource compiles every puzzle in one place. That’s my goal here.

I’ve since added pages to list blogs, podcasts, and video streams, and also constructors that have tip jars for solvers to show their appreciation.

My goal is to balance helpful information about the puzzles with simplicity for both myself and the reader. Each puzzle is linked with its source, title, constructor, paywall limitations, and available formats. I also ensure metas, cryptics, and themelesses are noted if it’s not otherwise clear.

Any single post has a few standing sections:

  • Announcements

  • Indie Crosswords

  • Major outlet crosswords

  • Cryptics, variety puzzles, and the like

  • Minis/Midis and the two most prominent phone apps

  • Standing links to American-style and cryptic crosswords that I don’t solve or track daily.

I highly recommend three other resources:

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