Tuesday, 8 September 2020

"Better than a repository." - Fill Me In

Friends of the Newsletter Laura & Jesse are hosting a free class on puzzle construction through the Homeschool Cooperative a week from tonight, 15 September at 8:00 PM Eastern. This is the third (or so) time they’ve run this, and they have plans for more later in the year if you can’t make it.

For cryptic fans, Stella Zawistowski has been posting daily cryptic clues on Twitter for some time now, and more recently opens the floor for a clue-writing “contest” each Tuesday. This week’s edition is here.

If you’re a subscriber to the Thursday cryptics from Out Of Left Field, they also run a weekly clue-writing opportunity in their Patreon comments.

gecxwords: CrosswordESE by Lyle Broughton. .puz, .pdf, online.
Grid Therapy: Social Bubbles by Trent Evans. .puz, .pdf, online.
Brain Candy: Midi Puzzle by Amanda Rafkin. .puz, .pdf, online.
BrianGubin.com: Changing Of The Guard by Brian Gubin. .puz, .pdf
Jonesin: Report Card by Matt Jones. .puz, .pdf, online.
Daily Beast: Ken-Ken 
by Matt Gaffney. Online, .pdf.
Crossword Nation: ($) Pick Your Poison by Elizabeth C. Gorski. Subscribe at link.

USA Today: Do I Hear An Echo? by Stella Zawistowski. Online, app, pdf.
Universal: Places, Everyone! by Gary Larson. Online, pdf. .puz
Los Angeles Timesby Jerome Gunderson. Online, pdf. Free Cruciverb account for .puz.
New York Times: ($) by Kevin Christian & Brad Wilber. Online, .pdf, .puz, app.
The Wall Street Journal: See It Through by Trent H. Evans. Online, .pdf, .puz
Newsday: Fuzzy Friends by Stanley Newman. Link direct to .pdf. Online.

Fill Me In: Symbol Of Togetherness (Meta) by Foggy Brume. .puz
Outside the Box: ($) Rows Garden #6-02 
by joon pahk.
Aries Puzzles: ($) Rows Garden #7.36 by Andrew Ries.
Garden Party: ($) Rows Garden Year 3 #18.5 by Michael Blake.
Et Tu, Etui?: I’m Not Sick, I’m Twisted. .pdf, online.
Et Tu, Etui?: Interactive Puzzle. .pdf, online.

Crosswords with Friends: by Zhouqin Burnikel. App Store | Google Play
Daily POP Crosswords: by Patti Varol. App Store | Google Play
LA Times Mini: by Elizabeth Gorski. Online.
The Atlantic Mini: by Caleb Madison. Online.
The New York Times Mini: by Joel Fagliano. Online, app.
Dictionaries6: Woo It by Paul Vong. .puz, .pdf, online.

My Puzzle Sources Google Sheet is here. Links to Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Streams are here. Links to constructors’ tip jars are here. Please tweet me at @gritzmac if I’m missing any puzzles so I can include them and solve them myself.

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